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Behind the scenes @ The Techies

It’s all go here at Techies HQ ahead of awards night this Thursday.

I made a joke last year that I came up with the concept for the Techies to give me something to do in the lull after my wedding in late 2017. The truth of the matter is, it kind of is like organising a wedding. There is the guest list (name badges are an addition), the catering, the drinks, the music, the photographer, the videographer, the AV and the speeches.

The award winners I assimilate to a wedding dress. No one is supposed to find out about it until the day. If you’re like me and you’re rubbish at keeping secrets the suspense kills you!

I showed loads of people pics of my wedding dress, but with the Techies it’s different.  No one can know, it would be a total showstopper!

You have panic attacks hoping there won’t be a leak. You HAVE to tell some people. The judges know but they’re reliable, sensible creatures. BUT what if someone walked into the workshop when the awards were being made and said “I know Jim from blah, blah. He’s won an award. Ace!” And then the word spreads… Nightmare. I guess that’s why it’s 5.40am the day before the Techies and I’m writing this.

Yesterday, I spent another 15 minutes going through the gold envelopes filled with the winners’ names. I was trying to prevent a mild heart attack at the thought of an envelope being filled with the wrong one. An easy thing to happen with terrible consequences. Must get it RIGHT!

Our sponsors I compare to the parents (if you’re lucky enough to get financial support). Without their help the Techies wouldn’t be possible. And although I write this blog in jest, this thank you comes with huge sincerity. I love our Techies, their talent and celebrating it and creating the Techies awards night is so much fun! I can’t wait to see the teams come up to the stage, hear the ‘whoop whoops’ and see the hands air pumping again. Get ready folks, we’re going to have a party!

The Techies 2019 wouldn’t be possible without the support of:

These businesses….

Apex City of Bath Hotel

Basepoint Business Centre

Britannia Quickmove

Business West

Elm Workspace

Enterprise Europe Network

Fluffy Puffin

Hartham Park

Headshot Diva



M4 Karting

Mackenzie & Co Financial Consultants

Nicholson Gin

Shaw & Co

Sweetpea Catering

Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Taste of Bath



And these individuals….

Paddy Bradley, SWLEP

Gabriella Cox, DASA

James Eades, Systemagic

Ali Hadavizadeh, Acorn Biz Solutions

Mirabelle Mack, Swindon & Wiltshire SME Growth Project

Jack Maxton, Hartham Park

Chloe Swift, Hartham Park

Cory Vollbrecht, Hartham Park

Steve Munson, Studio Creative Services

Kate Westbrook, Thrings

Dale Wyatt, Juicy Designs

THANK YOU!!! Anita x