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Have you submitted your entry?

It’s the Techies Awards 2021 entry deadline day! Have you submitted yours, yet? The competition closes at midnight tonight, Friday 17th September.

If you’re short on time, we will accept voice and video entries. If you have supporting documents or links to web content, please do include them. It’s best to have as much information to go on as possible, so that our judges can make informed decisions and it stops us having to go back and forth asking questions.

Don’t forget to mention/ include…

  • Your financials. These can usually be found online via Companies House, so don’t be shy. If your figures aren’t where you want them to be, explain why, whilst outlining your achievements and plans for growth.
  • If the intellectual property (IP) is yours, say so!
  • Don’t make sweeping statements. If your software is ‘groundbreaking’ substantiate those claims.

Good luck and we look forward to announcing the finalists in a few weeks.