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Meet Techies Judge Mirabelle Mack

Mirabelle Mack is returning this year as a judge for the Techies Awards.

A project manager with experience across various sectors and a business background, Mirabelle started working at Swindon Borough Council three years ago as business engagement and retention officer.

Below she gives us an insight into her background and role as a Techies judge and what she believes the future holds for Swindon and Wiltshire.


When I started my current role with Swindon Borough Council I recall being immediately impressed at the quality and standard of business support available through the Council’s various service areas and other public sector providers.

Due to my background in project management, I was soon moved across to the regeneration team and as a result I have been enjoying working across a number of key projects over the past year. My skills have helped me to connect projects and programmes of works to support the success of wider regeneration across the borough.

I’m currently working on regeneration projects in Swindon including the Carriage Works, Aspen House and The Heritage Action Zone. My role requires me to identify inefficiencies and simplify complex problems into manageable and logical processes to ensure increased productivity and positive outcomes across projects.

Judging the Techies

I have been involved with the Techies since their inception last year. It was a delight to read through the award applications in 2018 and to find out more about the talent and innovations going on in the Tech industry in Swindon and Wiltshire.

The Techies are helping to give tech businesses an opportunity to share the great work that they do to a wider audience and encourage collaboration, potential partnerships and future innovation within the industry.

Wiltshire and Swindon 2019 and Beyond

The speed of technological advancement is increasing year on year. Technology is enabling other sectors to create efficiencies and increase productivity. The ability to connect previously disparate processes to innovate and advance, means we are living through a very exciting time in technological development. Through the intelligent use of technology there is a real opportunity to improve people’s quality of life. Through the Growth Hub, Public sector business support and Tech awards, Swindon and Wiltshire businesses have the chance to participate in programmes of development that can support their growth over the months and years ahead.